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About Extreme Plumbing & Rooter

Welcome to our web site. We are a fully functional plumbing company. We cover greater Los Angeles County, With 100% positive attitude and fully loaded trucks, materials and tools serving 24hr and 7 days a week for all your plumbing needs. We are known best for our experienced team members and state of the art technology tools. Here at Extreme Plumbing & Rooter we take our customers very seriously and enjoy solving their plumbing needs. Home owners are always welcome to learn and get knowledge of the plumbing repairs are being performed in their homes. "There is no job thats to big or to smalls for us". The technicians are fully experienced to handle any intense situations. At Extreme Plumbing and Rooter we treat your home just as its our home. We give up front prices before we even begin and work and out prices are very reasonable. Plumbing can get expensive sometime but we as plumbers and homeowner do anything to help home owners like yourself not to suffer when it comes to plumbing repairs.

As a contractor i will do my best to god quality material and right installations. As a plumber i he 15 years of experience of labor to solve problems with as less expenses possible. As a company owner its my obligation and duty to teach my team members to have fun and work hard at the same time. life is as hard as is, work is always number one priority for us here at Extreme Plumbing and Rooter, but we also try to have fun at the same time. Feel free to call us 24hrs a day even of you don't need any plumbing services, please give us a call with any questions you have we will answer them with our best knowledge.

Safety is our number one concern. twice a week we have a meeting with our great team members. We discuss safety issues and how to satisfy customers, after a hard days of work we check all our tools and equipment to make sure they are in good shape and safe to use next job sessions. We use the best protection gears, eye wear, head wear, gloves, boots etc. Furnitures, cars, carpets, wood, tile etc all need to be protected at homes we work in before any work is to began. Pets are also our best interest to be protected, they are our best friends, were pet friendly. Honesty is our best source to be in business, honesty is the number on key to a successful business. People are all treated with respect here at Extreme Plumbing and Rooter and treated with love and honer. In any conditions safety is always first. Welcome our well trained technicians to your homes, give us the chance that we deserve we promise you to be fully satisfied. Its is very important to us that you call us back and not forget about us and we wont forget about you. There is lots of different plumbers out there but it is very hard to find one thats honest and takes good pride in their hard work and thats us. Senior citizen and military discounts are always available. Well definitely push our selves to the limits to try and save money, every penny we save for home owners is large amount of happiness and joy to us. Leaving homes with happy customers is a good deal with us. So please we are a helping hand in any way possible, welcome us to your homes let us help you in need of trouble and give us a chance.

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